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Keeping focus and perspective throughout the record making process makes for a stronger, more focused recording that says what you want it to say.
Matson Music Productions
What's On Your Horizon?

Rob Matson editing vocals

About Me

When I was four years old, I wanted to be Perry Como.... that's right, Perry Como of "Catch a Falling Star" and "Papa Loves Mambo" fame. Perry was still a pretty big star at the time, and his weekly television show made the whole thing look pretty glamorous. I fell hopelessly in love with music back then, and it has been a long lasting affair.

My dad has always had guitars and tape recorders around the house, and he was never too busy to take the time to show me a few tricks on both contraptions. It always seemed natural to want to listen to an Eric Clapton record, pick out the guitar licks, and put down my own version of the song on tape. Our basement was a constant venue for band practice and recording sessions throughout my school years.

After high school I spent two years touring with a road band before completing my Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Theory/Composition at Boise State University. I was an adjunct faculty member at BSU for several years after graduation.

My plans of completing a master's degree and teaching college were interrupted when I took a left turn and hooked up with Northwest legend and Americana Music pioneer Pinto Bennett and his band, The Famous Motel Cowboys. For the next ten years, I toured with the Motel Cowboys and operated my own studio, Horizon Audio Recording in Boise.

When our two daughters, Lindsey and Molly were born, my wife and I decided to move to Nashville and carve out a career. It was the early nineties and the likes of Steve Earle, Dwight Yokum, Roseanne Cash and others had broken things wide open in Country Music.

A Brief Summary of My Musical Career

Year Activity
1967 First public performance with a band-"Louie Louie" at the sixth grade talent show.  Played in various bands throughout junior high and high school..
1975-1977 Toured the western U.S. with a top - forty band playing 6 nights a week, 48 weeks a year.
1977-1981 Achieved a Bachelor of Music degree from Boise State University in Classical Guitar Performance and Theory/Composition
1980-1991 Guitarist with Pinto Bennett and The Famous Motel Cowboys
1984-1992 Owner/Operator of Horizon Audio Recording in Boise, Idaho
1992- Present Staff engineer/producer at County Q Productions in Nashville, Tennessee

While I waited on tables (like everyone does when they move here), I picked up free-lance work as an engineer, and learned from the incredible music professionals who are everywhere in Nashville. I was eventually introduced to Paul Scholten and Scott Merry at County Q Studios, who took a chance and hired me for some tracking and overdub sessions. That was 1994, and I have since tracked, overdubbed, mixed or produced thousands of great songs - both demos and album projects.

My time in Nashville has given me an invaluable education in all aspects of the record making process. Working closely with some of the finest musicians, singers, songwriters, engineers and producers in the world has taught me the value of commitment to excellence, integrity and vision. These are the traits I hope to bring to the table if I'm fortunate enough to be part of your recording project. Thanks for reading,

Rob Matson

Matson Music Productions
What's on Your Horizon?
Copyright 2012 Rob Matson
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